Umbra Framework

Umbra Framework

A unique tool for fast JAIN SLEE development.

Umbra Framework is a Service Creation Environment Java library for JAIN SLEE application servers. With Umbra Framework, service providers aim to create VAS services by leveraging existing and new components while reducing the effort required launching new services.


Reusable components

The Umbra Framework is a set 

Hiding Complexity with Umbra Framework

Almira Labs started using JAIN SLEE when the first commercial versions where ready. At that time, our skilled engineers started coding using standard JAIN SLEE API capabilities. Although JAIN SLEE offers significant benefits, we felt it could still be improved.

Our key innovation has been to hide the low-level details of JAIN SLEE with middleware to enhance performance and simplify development. Umbra Framework masks the JAIN SLEE components to define a simple and Java API that offers enhanced, scalable, carrier-grade performance.


Multi-JSLEE instances

Every JAIN SLEE provider offers different implementations of the standard. This can mean that JAIN SLEE compliant applications do not run on every SLEE container. If you need to migrate from one vendor to another, elements of the code may need to be re-written to ensure smooth porting and compatibility.

Almira Labs’ Umbra Framework changes this. With Umra Framework, your code will work across JAIN SLEE platforms from the main vendors, including Opencloud, JnetX and Mobicents, without any recoding.


J2EE Mix

Almira Labs has a pragmatic approach towards defining a telco environment. When dealing with low-level protocol issues, where real-time operation is a must, JAIN SLEE is the perfect choice. However, when dealing with the Internet world, the J2EE environment can be more suitable.

Almira has a mixed strategy, in which the SLEE offers web services so that the J2EE world can interact with the network capabilities exposed by the SLEE.

We have taken the unique benefits of JAIN SLEE and enhanced them to ensure delivery of the “write once, deploy anywhere” promise. Our applications offer real-time high-performance capabilities for robust telecoms networks and the emerging Internet world.