Umbra Designer

Umbra Designer

Our graphical tool for creating complex VAS services more rapidly.

Umbra Designer is a telecoms Service Creation Environment (SCE) for JAIN SLEE application servers. It leverages standard IMS/SIP/INAP protocols to enable the creation of a wealth of applications. With Umbra, service providers can create VAS services rapidly and cost-effectively by leveraging existing and new components. Umbra also reduces TTM and the risk associated with launching new services.

Umbra Designer is built using MDA technologies, which allows code automation assuring quality and efficiency. Thanks to its superior technology, Umbra Designer is targeted to different kinds of users, both expert and non-technical. 

Non experts: Network and product management teams can benefit from Umbra for rapid service creation. Umbra is agnostic to the underlying network, simplifying integration and ensuring that product teams can focus on the application, not complex protocols. With Umbra’s visual telecoms service creation environment they can create, tailor and enhance services. Underlying components have a visual icon that can be used to create innovative and rich services.

Product Specialists: Java developers with in-depth knowledge of JAIN SLEE and network features can create new components that enable non-experts to enhance their services.

Network Developers: With extensive expertise in network protocols and network features, developers can introduce new functionality to the JAIN SLEE environment by adding new connectors. This allows service providers to re-use infrastructure instead of creating functional silos.