Mobile Marketing

Afflelou Success Stories

Alain Afflelou is regarded as an innovative company, eager to offer new and intriguing services campaigns to its customers.

Afflelou deployed Almira Labs’ MediaCast to enhance its Christmas campaign:

  • A voice message from Santa Claus was sent to over 200K contacts.
  • 70% of contacts picked up the phone.
  • 58% heard the entire message
  • 12% called back when they saw the lost call
  • 7% called back to hear the message again!

Additional MediaCast-driven marketing campaigns are in development!

El Cuartel Success Stories

“Our Christmas campaign has been a success tanks to MediaCast. We have been able to send a funny corporate message to our contacts which has caused a lot of surprised. They have called to congratulate us for this innovative action that has proved MediaCast efficiency. We are already offering this powerful tool to our clients!”

Biceuronova Success Stories

 “MediaCast offers a new way to reach our contacts, with messages delivered with our own voice. We have achieved optimal results using this efficient tool, so we are considering to use it for further communications”.

Healthy Mind Work

Ëmotions Program

Personal attention and concentration. The study was made on students in a High School in Las Palmas: 48% of these students improved their academic performance.

Download PDF (Spanish Version) 

Stress prevention programm at Bosch España

A group of employees achieved a reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms.

Download PDF (Spanish Version)