Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Create and store notes in the cloud just with your voice.

It’s easy to forget about something – such as the name of a person, a telephone number, or something to buy at the supermarket. Sometimes we write things down, but sometimes we only have our mobile to hand. Our lives are increasingly busy and there’s always too much to remember. Instead of struggling to find pen and paper, why not use our voice to create reminders and notes? 

With Voice Notes you can save every important task – “to do” lists, birthdays, the location of a nice restaurant, or just the things you need to pick up from the supermarket on the way home. Simply store the Voice Notes access number in your address book and call from your mobile phone to record your reminders. Voice Notes will be stored in the system and you will be able to retrieve them simply by calling the service’s access number. No more excuses!

Voice Notes is not restricted to mobile devices, it can also be used from landlines. There’s no software to download or install and the service does not require specific devices. Any wireless or wireline phone can be used. 

With Voice Notes, store all the information you want and retrieve it when you like. For easier retrieval, the service provides a convenient alarm setting system, which can be configured according to your needs. Define a date and a time to be reminded about something and Voice Notes will automatically call you and play your voice message.

Never forget about anything important again with Voice Notes.

Voice Notes Diagram

Why Voice Notes?

It’s easy to forget things - the name of a person, a telephone number, or something to buy at the supermarket. Instead of struggling to find pen and paper, why not use your voice to create reminders and notes?

Voice Notes – convenient and useful

Voice Notes is a value added solution that can be offered by any Operator. It addresses the needs of subscribers with a valuable and intuitive new service. It helps them in their daily lives, is convenient, simple and reliable.  

With this service, you can offer a new voice-based solution that benefits everyone: frequent travellers, young people, students, executives, the elderly. It doesn’t matter what device they have, as voice notes works on a call-in, call-out basis, suitable for any phone.