Voice 2 Email

Voice 2 Email

Send voice emails on the go with just one call.

Email is one of the most widely used communication tools today. But there can still be issues when it comes to using email from mobile devices. Costly devices and data connections can prove a barrier to the global adoption of this essential service. In many countries, data coverage can be patchy and, despite high growth in smartphone shipments, there are still many millions of featurephone users.

Almira Labs creates services that can be accessed through the Voice channel. Voice is available on all devices, irrespective of the network level supported. It’s ubiquitous – both for fixed and mobile networks. Voice2Email is an innovative service created to address this market need. It is a complete voice to email solution, enabling customers to send voice messages as emails to their family, friends and colleagues, when it is difficult to access data services or when they don’t have the right device. 

Voice 2 Email Diagram

What can Voice2Email do for you?

Voice2Email is an innovative voice to email solution that enables customers to send voice messages as emails to their family, friends and colleagues. With voice to email services, users can forget about hassles such as typing, connecting a laptop, or ensuring there is internet connectivity.

Entice your clients to call you again

Vocie2email has many uses. Send yourself quick voice notes and reminders. Tell your team how a particular meeting went while on the go. Don’t text and drive – send a voice message to your team using a hands-free device to ensure you are productive even while driving. 

The only limit to potential applications is imagination.