Voice 2 Social

Voice 2 Social

Post your voice messages in your favorite social media!

Addicted to social networks? Do you want to know what your friends do at any time and also want to keep them posted so they can follow your footsteps? Now you can keep your social network profile updated no matter where you are from your mobile handset.

Voice Social is a service that allows you to post everything you want in your favorite social networks. Tell your friends where you are when visiting a new place, let them know about a nice place to eat, or share your holiday videos with them. Voice Social media allows you to do it with your own voice!

The best part of this is you can do it on the go, from your mobile phone, regardless of the device and with no need for an Internet connection.  You just need to record your voice message with the content you want to share and in a few seconds your message will be posted on your profile for all your contacts to listen to. Available now for Facebook and Twitter, Voice Social helps you keep connected to your contacts.

Voice Social is a convenient service to share anything, anytime on your social networks. It has also proved to be a useful service for the visually impaired, enabling anyone to access new media and enjoy the ability to communicate with their contacts. Voice Social media makes social networking accessible to all.

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What can Voice Social do for you?

Share more with your friends  on the go

Take advantage of the possibilities mobile phones bring to your daily communication. Voice Social media can be used in virtually every handset in the market. There’s no need to have high-end devices to experience access to new and interesting services. What’s more, you do not need to worry about expensive Internet access, particularly while roaming. Voice Social is as easy to use as making a phone call.