Voice Ambience

Voice Ambience

Add fun and entertaining background sounds to your calls.

Capture the imagination of your customers by allowing them to create an illusion while making phone calls. Allow them to personalize their calls with a background sound. They will love being able to express themselves in a different way, creating a different ambience suited to their mood. During a phone call, the background sound is imposed by the user’s location. But by choosing a different background sound, users can create an entirely new – and personal – atmosphere.

Voice Ambience is a service that creates voice wallpaper. It enables users to select a preferred audio background and add enjoyable effects. It can work in both incoming and outgoing calls. With Voice Ambience, subscribers can enrich their calls with voice background services, making them fun and longer lasting.

Voice wallpaper can be chosen from a wide range of themes, making every call unique, more entertaining or romantic. They can create a special atmosphere, tailored to each call and occasion – Birthdays, Valentines, or simply when catching up with friends and family. Voice Ambience offers huge potential to create special moments.

Voice Ambience Diagram

What can Voice Ambience do for you?

Promote your brand

Voice Ambience can also be offered to business and enterprise subscribers. Voice background services can be used to support more compelling marketing campaigns. It seamlessly integrates into campaigns targeted towards loyalty programs or to reach out to new customers and segments. Voice Ambience has proven success as a powerful tool in innovative marketing campaigns, helping to persuade customers to buy new products or to increase awareness of new services. It can also be used in Call Centers to reinforce branding through the integration of corporate background themes. As a flexible service, Voice Ambience creates a wealth of possibilities to support innovative marketing.