Voice Smileys

Voice Smileys

Have more fun in every call by inserting sounds during your conversations!

It’s time to let customers enjoy their daily calls. No matter whom you call, it’s always nice to include a personal touch. Today, subscribers are used to adding their feelings when they chat using any IM or SMS client. Smileys or Emoticons allow customers to express an idea through an image that is worth more than simple words. So, why not do the same in a normal telephone call, but with voice instead of an image? Why not use voice emoticons?

Voice Smileys enables customers to play short sounds during their calls – the equivalent of familiar emoticons. Once the call has been established, a Voice Smileys subscriber can press a key on his phone to add the selected sound to their conversation. A customer can define a special emoticon for every key and send laughter to his best friend, a kiss to his girlfriend, or applause to his sister. 

Let your emotions become alive

With Voice Smileys, you can offer more value to your customers. Subscribers are always looking for innovative services, which are easy to access and to use - and at a reasonable price. Voice Smileys will allow your customers to create a special atmosphere while saying “Happy Birthday” to a friend, emphasizing the sentiment with selected background sounds. A loving husband can surprise his wife by firing love arrows in the air while they are talking with each other. With Voice Smileys you can share an unlimited range amusing moments together while talking on the phone.

Voice Smileys Diagram

What Can Voice Smileys do for you?

But Voice Smileys will not only allow you to address consumer subscribers, you can also offer the service to companies so they can make more compelling marketing campaigns. As a campaign within a Loyalty Program or to attract new customers or segments, Voice Smileys fit the needs of all types of companies who want to break new ground in Mobile Marketing. 

There are millions of ways and occasions to surprise your customer, friends and family every day. With Voice Smileys, fun is integrated into a standard phone call, creating amusement for all.