Community Voice Cast

Community Voice Cast

Exchange voice messages with your friends.

Your birthday is getting close and you are planning a big home party to celebrate. You are thinking about inviting all your friends, what can you do? One option is calling them one by one, but that will take too long, because you need to call 60 people! Another option could be sending an SMS to let them know, but you will need to write an SMS with all details of the party and how to get there. Your friends will get confused and will start calling you...Not the most convenient.

Share your emotions, feelings, and much more than with a plain SMS. With Video / Voice Cast you will be able to send a video greeting to your friends for Christmas, arrange a time to meet for dinner... Select your group of contacts and your message will be forwarded automatically to all of them. With Community Video/Voice Cast you can create your groups of contacts, invite new friends and manage your friends lists.

Community Video Voice Cast Diagram

What can Community Video Voice Cast do for you?

Share more with your friends with the Video / Voice Cast service and do not miss any chance of expressing all you want.

Best tool to communicate in groups

With the Cast, a trainer can record a video or voice message and it is immediately forwarded to every contact on his team, saving time and avoiding any type of confusion. Video Cast is also an efficient and convenient tool for deaf people to be able to improve their daily needs to communicate with others.