BrainPhone Store

BrainPhone StoreThe BrainPhone Store is a unique marketplace with services that can be accessed by anyone. Over 6 billion phone devices are used worldwide. However, access to the vast amount of available apps has been limited to certain operating systems, specifically smartphones. Currently, only a quarter of all subscribers worldwide use smartphones. Even with the meteoric adoption of smartphone devices, many analysts agree that adoption will only top 50 percent by 2016. The BrainPhone Store is focused to enable mass usage of these smartphone-type applications, regardless of the device.

The BrainPhone Store bridges the gap between advanced communications apps and non-smartphone functionalities by offering a single place for all phone users to access voice-based value-added services and benefit from better communications. The BrainPhone Store provides a broad catalog of advanced features, such as sending emails or posting in Social Networks from every phone, just by speaking through the phone. No Internet connection is required.

The BrainPhone Store incorporates an expanding number of apps that allows users to perform various functions. For example, individuals can call a number and leave a voice message, which will then be embedded as an audio attachment in an email address. People can stay connected with social media and share messages and postings in their Twitter and Facebook profiles. And consumers can access QR codes just through their voice interface. The BrainPhone Store is the next generation of voice communication that is perfectly suited for all demographics, in any location.

The BrainPhone Store offers subscription-based services for telecommunications and network services providers, which result in higher ARPU, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Operators don’t need to invest in any infrastructure or specialized technology. It is a cloud-based solution that enables operators to offer services from the catalog “out of the box.” The BrainPhone Store can even be white-labeled to maximize operator branding and compete more effectively with smartphone-specific apps stores.

For developers, the BrainPhone Store provides an excellent opportunity to bring their services to any phone device, including access to functionalities that have traditionally been part of the network. The BrainPhone Store provides a commonly used API, allowing developers to easily connect their applications with billing and provisioning.


The BrainPhone Store is dedicated to the following two main target groups: