Weather Forecast 2.0

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The weather is always a big concern when planning a trip, practicing some outdoor sports, as hiking or cycling, arranging all kinds of events, or even choosing what to wear the next day. So far to check the weather forecast you had to wait till the end of newscast, buy the newspaper or have an internet connexion available to access a weather service. Fortunately, from now on those efforts aren’t necessary anymore.

Yesterday, Almira Labs launched together with our partner Digitalmeteo, expert in meteorological forecasting, Meteovox, a new revolutionary value-added-service which enables you to have the meteorologist always at your fingertips. Backed up by the Spanish national newspaper 20Mintutos we invited 30 well-known Spanish technology bloggers to an exclusive get-together to experience in first hand how a personalised weather forecast works.

The overall feedback was thrilling, pointing out that Meteovox is designed to work on any kind of phone device, whether feature phone, smartphone or even landline. “The weather will never surprise you again while you are spending your few days off at the beach”, Almira Labs’ CMO Miguel Monforte precised the unique value of this service. Meteovox calls you to deliver a personalised voice message for your city telling what weather you can expect for the next day in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

Select from 3 different plans that fit best to your personal needs: Daily Plan, from Monday to Friday or Weekend Plan, starting from 2.5€ per month. Finally you can get detailed information about the weather in a simple and comprehensible language without the need of a meteorology degree to understand the usual weather forecast.