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Almira Labs featuring the priest José Pedro Manglano launch Confort Espiritual

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Just turning on the TV or the radio is enough to realize the World is riddled with sad news.  Armed conflicts, poverty, social injustices,  inequality… Society is getting farther from welfare and peace, in every sense of the word, seems to be an utopian concept.  Every day we face hard situations and most of the times we must deal with them alone.

Confort Espiritual is the guide that will bring God closer to your life transmitting all its strength to comfort our souls and get a daily spiritual peace. José Pedro Manglano, a Spanish priest who wrote ¿Se puede aprender a Sufrir o Vivir con sentido, will send voice messages to help you not feeling alone. God is always there extending his hands to you.

Manglano, who had previously launched some pioneer religious mobile applications like iMaria or iMisa, uses Almira Labs technology for this brand new service oriented to reach happiness.

To start using Confort Espiritual service and receiving Manglano’s inspiring voice messages just subscribe by calling 91 793 34 89.

Feel the daily spiritual comfort without going to church. Just answering a simple phone call a God’s word will guide you on your way to happiness.