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Almira Labs as Best Practice Case at CMMi DAY 2012

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On the 28th of March Almira Labs will be participate as lecture at the 7th Conference “Exchanging experiences to improve processes of product and service development.” This event will take place in the Hotel Gran Via in Madrid and is sponsored by Gesein and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The focus will be led on the importance of standardized process improvement approaches in organizations to help to improve their performance and quality of software development projects.

As a Best Practice Case our company got invited to lecture about the benefits for small companies to invest in a CMMi certification and to share some personal inside of what challenges Almira Labs had to face in the period of process implementation until first achievements after a period of hard work and full dedication could be seen.

“The initial phase was the most demanding for us to divide the work and responsibilities thought for a team of 13 developers to only 5 people”, explains Eva Ogallar, Senior Developer and Responsible of Quality Assurance at Almira Labs and lets clear that “The most crucial part of an successful project planning is the fact that you need to reserve 50% of the entire schedule for a recurring cost, time and resource controlling.”

We invite all interested person to attend our open lecture at 13.15 p.m. that day to dip in more profoundly into this topic and get the possibility for a personal exchange of experiences with our developer team.

Almira Labs Nominates BrainPhone Store Mobile Apps Concept for CTIA Wireless 2012 Big IDEA Award

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Almira Labs has entered its BrainPhone Store in the CTIA Wireless 2012 Big IDEA Award contest. A unique competition that CTIA designed to identify the next wave of innovation that will propel growth in mobile communications sector, the Big IDEA contest calls for ideas, visions or concepts that embody the true transformative power of wireless technology. Industry members are invited to vote online for their favorite “Big Idea.” The top five submissions that receive the most votes will present their ideas live at the CTIA Wireless event, scheduled for May 8th-10th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Online voting begins March 20th at

Based on the unique idea that voice technology can deliver robust applications to any device, the BrainPhone Store incorporates a vast catalogue of next-generation applications and services that can work with any phone and operating system, including smartphones, feature phones and even fixed line devices.  Offered as a cloud-based software solution to mobile operators and service providers, the BrainPhone Store enables providers to offer high-margin value-added services such as email, social media, QR code technology, as well as specialized capabilities for individuals with disabilities and the elderly, throughout the subscriber base.

“We are excited to submit our vision for the CTIA Big IDEA contest and demonstrate how the BrainPhone Store provides ubiquitous mobile applications for the masses,” said Javier Martin, chief executive officer of Almira Labs. “Our value-added services are based upon the conviction that technology should focus on serving people, not on devices. As a result of this philosophy, the BrainPhone Store has been developed as a device-agnostic, cloud-based catalogue that is intended to serve the communication needs of every subscriber around the world.  We invite users, industry experts, and service providers to learn more about the BrainPhone Store, and to vote for it as the perfect choice for the Big Idea.”

Almira Labs Demonstrated its Advanced Voice-Centric Services at MWC

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From 27th February through 1st March, 2012, the world’s most important mobile exhibition, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), took place in Barcelona,  Spain. With over 70,000 visitors it was the largest attendance of professionals ever.

Certainly the loudest noise where made by different well-known handset manufacturer who used well the fair as a media platform to launch their latest smartphones models. But perceiving the tenor behind all the hoopla the real interest at this congress were focused on value-added-services (VAS) which can offer unique user experiences and therefore provide a real potential of differentiation for any high-end handset.

This idea also follows Almira Labs’ value proposal which we presented this year on the MWC. We utilize a cloud-based architecture that deliver advanced capabilities, like email, QR technologies, social media and other services, to all people – with all kind of devices.

With our services end user can perform a number of tasks just by speaking into a voice interface, such as sending personal messages, updating social media status, or composing and forwarding emails, and everything without the need to connect to the internet with their phone at any moment.

Because figures proved that featured phones still outnumber the global mobile market by 2:1. If operators, service providers and enterprises don’t include these devices in their market strategies, they will leave most of their customers behind.

Almira Labs‘ tools allow fast and low-cost development of Value Added Services (VAS) for the Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) to provide unique voice-driven service to all people. This unique market approach offers a new revenue channel to our customers to improve their profitability and increasing their clients’ loyalty.