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VMA conference 2012 in Madrid

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From 11th -13th, June 2012, the 36th edition of the prestigious VMA conferencetook place – an unique get-together of main influencers of worldwide service operators, industry participants and users which presents an excellent platform to exchange the latest developments and trends in Voice & Messaging Technologies.

This year’s focus especially spot on feature initiatives around User Experience and Innovation as well as new trends in the area of Messaging, Call Centres and CRM.

One of the hot topics among the main telco operators were the recent launch of “Joyn” in Spain – an own developed Rich Communication Suite (RCS) set up by 5 of Europe’s main players: Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange and Telecom Italia to enable the same chat, file and/or video share infrastructure for all their clients which already comes pre-installed in all new devices.

“Developing their own service environment to hook clientele and also free themselves from the OEMs dominance was a long over due step by the big carriers. “Joyn” can be a profitable new revenue canal for the carriers if they consider to implement  the knowledge and innovation power of third party service provider directly from the start to can offer an attractive and complete VAS portfolio”, voices Miguel Monforte, CMO of Almira Labs.

Also Almira Labs voice-based services vote for a unified approach. Our device-agnostic approach allows any phone user to enter via simple phone call different web-based services like sending emails or update social networks, but without the need of an internet access to the phone. Via our unique approach operators can provide internet services to any of their clients, even if they don’t own a smartphone, and at the same time generate revenues from these phone calls.

Get your personal weekly call from Lolita Flores

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Last Saturday, the famous Spanish singer and actress Lolita Flores presented in Spanish TV Talkshow “Que tiempo tán feliz” [What a happy time] her latest project “El Minuto De Lolita” – a new innovative voice-based mobile service especially dedicated to all her fans and followers who like to know out of first hand the latest happenings of the life of Lolita. 13% of total Spanish TV audience witnessed this successful product launch.

The Minute of Lolita is based in a weekly voice message of Lolita Flores in which she is going to talk about all issues that matters personally to her: her most emotional moments, latest news of her upcoming shows and music releases, but also her secret beauty tips will be uncovered. Lolita sends her exclusive messages directly over phone as a weekly voice podcast and any user of her service can receive those messages via a simple phone call independently if they use a land line phone, featured phone or smartphone. The clue of this innovative service lies in its simplicity, because it’s a totally device-agnostic mobile service, so anyone of Lolita’s fan who has a phone can receive her news.

So far El Minuto de Lolita offers 2 simple ways to can receive Lolita’s voice casts: Either you can call in every week to the premium line (+34) 905 551 645 or you can subscribe yourself to a monthly pack of 4 messages by sending a short code via SMS and thus the monthly tariff will directly invoiced in your monthly telephone bill.

All technical infrastructure and the innovative VoiceCast System was developed by Almira Labs to provide an easy-to-use frontend solution  to facilitate the publication of a voice message from one single phone to many and thus creating a direct and close bond from Lolita to all her followers.