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Almira Labs speaks at IT EXPO EAST

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As Almira Labs is making its mark within the Spanish R&D sector as specialists in developing platform-independent Telco software with a focus on voice-based services, we are thrilled to share our expert knowledge also on this year’s IT EXPO East in Miami, Florida, which takes place from January 31st through February 3rd, 2012the Miami Beach Convention Centre.

Our CEO,  Javier Martin, will speak at the 1st February, at noon, about “The Next Step in Social Media Evolution: Social Media Response Management” where he will discuss how expectations of social media are changing as its use grows exponentially. Followed by a panel forum he will focus on the ability for businesses and consumers to use social media in a more comprehensive and efficient manner.

Almira Labs’ latest product launch of Voice2Social is a service specially dedicated for easier use of Social Networks. It allows user to publish their own voice messages without any delay in their Facebook or Twitter profile by a simple local phone call from wherever they are and without any internet connection. This innovative service is released in Vodafone Spain and ready to use for every of their clients.

Divulging already in advance some of Javier Martin’s presentation insides “We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we communicate since Millions of us get our news, share our experiences, send messages, and receive feedback from social media first. Two-way communication within this new medium must be managed, and managed well”.

As an internationally renowned educational event for resellers, enterprises, SMBs, and Government Agencies, the IT EXPO provides an excellent forum to discover new added values of IP-based voice, video, fax, and unified communications.

We are looking forward to meet you on the IT EXPO EAST in person, and if you can’t pass by check out soon this Blog again or following our Twitter account @almiralabs to get first off a résumé of our presentation’s key statements about the evolution in Social Media.

New service numbers for our voice services

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Every New Year comes with some changes. From the 1st of January, 2012, we changed the number assignation of our established call-in voice services.  Please note the following new service number in your phone agenda to access to your subscribed services as usual:

  • Memmori (
    Your personal assistant to keep organized your daily tasks. Manage your agenda in an easy and effective manner by recording voice notes in your mobile which will be sent to your personal email account or to a predefined group of your contacts. Also usable with your Evernote y Remember the Milk account.
  • Hablamail (
    A special service exclusively for Vodafone Clients to send short voice notes via a simple phone call to the email addresses of your entire team in moments where important news need to be communicate but an internet access is out of reach.
  • My Happy Email (
    It’s the first voice mobile service especially dedicated for kids to send their parents, family and friends an email by voice without any need to know how to write or use a computer. As a Christmas Special they can also send a message to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men to send them their special wish list. And the voice recording sent by our kids will be an unforgettable gift which last forever!

The entire Almira Labs’ Team wishes you a good start in 2012 and we are looking forward that you give our services a voice!