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Vodafone Spain launches “Voice 2 Social” from Almira Labs

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Voice2Social is a new mobile service developed by Almira Labs which revolutionizes the access to social networks with your own voice from any phone device, both fixed and mobile. Rolling out this September and exclusively distributed by Vodafone Spain, this innovative service offers a new way of publishing status updates in your Facebook wall and Twitter timeline with your own voice. From now on you can access your social network no matter where you are with any kind of phone device and no need of an Internet access.

“Voice messages provide an enormous added value because voice is the only way you can express your emotions in a natural manner. So the implementation of voice in social networks was the next logical step for Almira Labs to drive user communication on these platforms to the next level”, points out Javier Martin, CEO of Almira Labs.

Additionally, Voice 2 Social brings also a step forward in accessibility for visually impaired people, because this service will enable them an easy access by voice to Twitter and Facebook just by making a simple phone call to a landline number and record their voice message will be published within seconds to their profile.

Voice Social is the first service of its kind in Spain and in order to stimulate social network users of every age to subscribe to this service, Vodafone Spain provides free access during  September to all new subscribers, regardless their operator. For a free subscription access: .

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