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Bic Euronova celebrates 20 years supporting entrepreneurs in Málaga

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Last Friday, October, 14th was a very special day for BIC Euronova, as this European Center of Companies and Innovation celebrated 20 years being a reference with more than 3.500 jobs created within PTA (Andalucia’s Technological Park) in Malaga.

In the event, the main stakeholders of BIC Euronova could have a word to the audience; Idea Agency, Promalaga, Unicaja and IMPI. Additionally, former and current companies shared together their vision of the entrepreneurship in Malaga and Spain. Some of them like Novasoft and Aertec are now big and successful companies that were born in its facilities.
The issues discussed in the Conferences Sesssions had a common point: the need to support with all means the entrepreneurs that decide to innovate in Spain. Bic Euronova has experienced professionals that help those people with a good idea to check whether it can be successful or not and, being the former the case, they help them to put it into practice and turn it into a success.

In Almira Labs, as we have our office there, we are very satisfied and thankful with all the support, from a personal and professional point of view, that we receive form the people that work in Bic Euronova. So we wish them a very Happy Birthday and hope many more years of success to come!

Vodafone Developer Workshop for accessible mobile applications

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In the last years Vodafone initiated a notable engagement in their product development to cater especially to disabled and elderly people with certain physical or intellectual limitations. For this reason  the Vodafone Foundation Smart established a new European contest the “Accessibility Awards” to promote the development of IT applications designed to help them get more actively involved in society.

Therefore Vodafone Spain invited last week interested developer to a workshop in Madrid where they could meet people with different handicaps to get a better inside what these people want and look for to get more independency in their lives.

Kath Moonan, Accessibility Lead from the Vodafone User Experience Group in London, presented new developments for smartphones which should give an idea what can made be possible, like sweep keyboards for person with limited mobility, voice-based QR code scanner for drug packages for blind people or zoom magnification for visually impaired. But also effects like vibration and flashing lights in combination with certain functionalities already provide a higher accessibility. The essential part of developing mobile services for this special target is talking and later also testing those with people with access needs.

At the end of the workshop we got the possibility to experience by ourselves with different apparatus what it means to use a mobile phone with a certain handicap. Hereby special designed glove which simulates arteritis caught our attention, which made it really difficult for us to press on small buttons and icons or sending a SMS.

This is also one reason why we from Almira Labs focus on voice-based mobile service to enable a widely hand free and sight independent use of a mobile phone.

Google invited Spanish companies to “Thinkmobile 2011”

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Mobile First!” That is how the big strategy change of Google was announced on the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. From this moment on every development made by Google should be orientated first of all on the mobile use before everything else. And 1,5 years later market figures clearly prove that Google´s hunch was more than right. A recent Gartnerstudy predicted that the internet access via mobile will outgun the PC access.

By today already 33 % of the Spanish population surf through the internet via their smartphone – this is the highest mobile penetration in whole Europe. But the flipside of the coin is that only 10% of all companies are prepared with an appropriate mobile offer, because the usage is different form the PC in 4 key points: Smartphone user look for Immediacy, Entertainment, Local information and a shopping companion when they are on the run.

The weight of internet access in everyone´s daily life already goes so far, revealed by an intern study of Google in over 30 countries, that for smartphone user eating is as same as important like being connected to the internet. The next upcoming hot topic will be “mCommerce”. Google already released its “Google Wallet” in the US, a mobile payment service.

But the numbers also show that the penetration of new gadgets likes smartphones or tablets correlate with the income of a person.For this reason there is also a special need of mobile services in the BRICI states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia) – emerging countries where 4 times more people own a mobile phone than a PC. But at this Thinkmobile Event Google didn´t dwell on mobile solutions for people who haven´t any internet access on their mobile. We from Almira Labs, exactly cover this branch of services – innovative voice-based solutions accessible from every type of phone to get access to normally web-based services. Contact us for more tailor-made solutions for you!“It´s not too late to be early.”