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Almira Labs’ latest voice-based service for Kids

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Christmas is near, and the youngest at home become the most important person in this period. Also we  from Almira Labs are thinking of them and therefore especially for them we  developed our latest voice-based service.

With My Happy Email children at any age can send voice mails to their parents, uncles and other family members without any need to know how to write or even how to use a computer.

My Happy Email is easy as a pie to use. The only thing the kid needs to do is to call to the local service number +34 / 911 110 345 and record its message via mobile or landline phone. So they can tell us how was his day at school was or at the playground or for example what things they would like to do with you at weekend with us. Within seconds the family recieve his voice message in their emails as an .mp3 file, so it can be replayed and forwarded to other contacts as often as you like.

Javier Martín, Almira Labs’ CEO, by himself father of two young children, tells how the idea of My Happy Email emerged: “Due to work I have to travel frequently, so from time to time I arrive quite  late at home when my kids are already sleeping. Since Almira Labs is specialized in voice-based services in telecomunication, the idea of developing such a service was easy to develop and the added value for parents to have their children´s voice always near is enormous. Hearing the voice of my kids while I am at work and especially their enthusiasm when they are telling me something about their day are a very comforting moments for me. ”

From now on they can put smiles on your faces again and again with their funny stories, in that moment when you can’t be with them.

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Voice2Social presented on the 3rd TifloInnova Fair

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Under de claim “Technology within your reach” the 3rd TifloInnova Fair opened its doors from the 18th to the 20th November, 2011. Every 2 years this unique event is organized by the Centre for Research, Development and Application of Technologies for the Blind (CIDAT) of ONCE to offer a showcase of assistive technology for blind and visually impaired people that bring together concerned manufacturers, developers, distributors, users, researchers and professionals.

Apart from the fair pavilion where exhibitors of over 15 countries presented their latest innovation an accompanying course of lectures presented different related topics, such as new solutions for mobility technology. Within this range Vodafone Spain presented its latest mobile service Voice2Social, developed by Almira Labs – a voice based service which enables a publication in its Facebook or Twitter profile by a simple phone call. This service is accessible from every kind of phone device and doesn’t need any internet connection from your phone.

Vodafone Spain presented especially our service to demonstrate that there are still various existing access obstacles that keeps parts of the society away from new ways of communication and knowledge diffusion. Spain is already within the Top 5 most active countries in Facebook with an access rate of over 70% of the Spanish population. The most used applications in the mobile market nowadays are communication based and therefore disabled people in Spain have an existential need to also participate in social networks and to not suffer a fundamental disadvantage in new arising daily communication habits.

That’s why Almira LabsVoice2Social where implemented in Vodafone’s service portfolio as an ideal companion for blind people to offer them more mobility, autonomy and independence in their lives. Because with Voice2Social they also can access their social networks from wherever they are.