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Almira Labs @ CTIA 2011

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AMERICA – “the rise from rags to riches” – the country of boundless possibilities – and ALMIRA LABS followed this auspicious call, but to Orlando???

Correct! In 2011 Orlando is the place to be assumed you work in the ICT business! This year the CTIA (the International Association of the Wireless Telecommunications Industry) invited to one of the largest technology events in the world. From the 22nd – 24th, March 2011 more than 1,000 exhibiting companies, dozens of industries, and over 40,000 professionals from 125 countries gathered in Orlando to a multifarious think-tank to elaborate new approaches to revolutionize wireless communication.

Among all them, ALMIRA LABS also involved itself in this brainstorming by strongly focusing on device-independent mobile solutions to attract the whole band width of fixed and cell phone users. And what´s the best idea to catch everyone’s attention? By initiating a clever mouth-to-mouth propaganda where we gave away our exclusive Brainphones to all visitors of our booth. Our keynote behind this campaign is pretty simple – Even an ordinary mobile device can become a smartphone and every smartphone can be a SUPER-Phone! And the best of all, this UPGRADE can be reached without any tedious installation and big investments in new soft- or hardware.

Our campaign was an éclat, we loved to see the surprised faces of those who got know our Brainphone for the first time. Everyone was astonished by our unique wireless and wireline value added services to bring every phone device and every phone users to new heights of telecommunication. This we call Almira Labs´ non conformist philosophy.

Yes AMERICA, we also can !!!

Almira Labs at the Movilforum LATAM 2011

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BRAZIL isn’t only famous for its awesome beaches, its superb Caipirinhas and its comfy Haivaianas – No! Even more impressive for us is the fact that there are currently over 210 millions cell phones. Consequently Brazil is member of the club of the 5 countries with the most cell phones in use after China, India, the US and Russia. Likewise to the other BRIC-state members Brazil showed a huge increase of new cell phone lines. Only in the first quarter of 2011 was the strongest one in the last 11 years in Brazilians mobile sector.

Therefore it is no surprise at all that this 2nd edition of Telefonica´s Movilforum Latin America Conference will be held again in Rio de Janeiro on the 24th and 25th of May, 2011 to gather the who-is-who of the telecommunication sector, providing them a platform to expose the latest competitive and cutting-edge solutions to redefine the state of art in mobile solutions.

And it´s not surprising neither, that Almira Labs takes part in this event in coordination with AMETIC and ICEX (Spanish Foreign Trade Institute). As a part of our expansion project, Almira Labs has set its eyes on the American continent where it is already dealing with commercial opportunities in the US and CALA region. Following its unique approach of developing telecom services for all devices, Almira will be participating this year in some of the most important telecom-industry related events such as Movilforum Conference Latinamerica in Brazil.

So, in unison with this year’s motto of the Movilforum LATAM: “The future of mobility will be here. How about you?” we happily await you in Brazil, as well.

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