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Accessibility to Social Networks for disabled people

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Within the last years social networks turn to an essential communication medium not only for a personal use, but also on a professional and political level.

Facebook, founded in 2004, has already reached by today 700 millions of users by adapting their platform in more than 70 languages to this date. In the same way, Twitter celebrates these days its 5th anniversary surpassing the threshold of its 200  millions member and of the same amount daily tweets. The principal use of social networks, like these, within the Spanish community is primarily obtaining information, before consulting any other information source (IAB Spain).

Unfortunately the majority of the social networks still don’t provide any intuitive access to every group in the society. Alone Spain counts more than 4 million of disabled people (nearly 10% of the population), according to the Spanish Census Bureau (INE), who see themselves confronted with serious obstacles in accessing these platforms.

A recent study by the Observatory on ICT Accessibility of the web portal Discapnet confirms the insufficient access for handicapped person. One of the mayor problems especially for visually impaired and motionally restrained persons especially is reflected in the buttons and icons, those illustration are perceived too small and hardly recognizable or lead to wrong interpretations of their functions. Further access barriers were detected in the missing separation between presentation and content, as well as the deficient access of Script and PDF Documents.

For instance, some forms, which are essential for executing any kind of interaction between user and web administration, are impossible to use for disabled people. So basic functions like signing up, search content or add contacts can result in an unmanageable task for them. It would be far more convenient to apply text instead of images in a web, which details the information that an image wants to transmit.

From the visual impaired point of view it would be also recommendable to work with more contrastive colors to make it easier to distinguish different areas on a page.

We from Almira Labs are aware of the obstacles that handicapped people might see in their ICT usage. Therefore we also bear in mind the particular requirements of this group in the development of our voice applications for telephone devices to literally offer accessible mobile services for everyone.

Read the entire study result here.

And for more and Almira Labs’ engagement in mobile services for Disabled people, click here.

Almira Labs’ Tech Mission to Silicon Valley

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From the 13th to the 17th June, 2011, Almira Labs´ got the great opportunity to join a “Technical Mission” to Silicon Valley, California. Organized by the Spanish Chamber of Foreign Trade ICEX, the Banesto Foundation and the consultancy Carlos Barrabés15 innovative Spanish IT companies were invited to this business trip which catered to bring Spanish companies to Silicon Valley to get known the ecosystem and to try to settle down there.

The United States are a highly attractive market with more than 300 millions of potential consumers. So it was interesting for us to discover the infrastructural and financial circumstances of this Californian IT think tank.

Palo Alto, for example, a small town of only some 60.000 inhabitants in the valley already concentrates a settlement of more than more than 7,000 IT related businesses that employ more than 98,000 jobs. This is an enormous creative density, where Facebook, Amazon and Google for instance are literally neighbors – a perfect place for accelerating fruitful synergies.

For Almira Labs this trip was an excellent occasion to make budding contacts with interesting advisers, potential partners and investors. Although the companies there set high benchmarks in the industry, we noticed that Spain also offers some really high potential projects from which we are convinced to here pretty soon again!

Special thanks again to all involved parties for having such a great time together!

And for those of you who are interested in some more impressions of Almira Labs’ CEO Javier Martín, please see the following video below.

Meet Javier Martín of Almira Labs from StepOne Ventures on Vimeo.

Vodafone Spain promotes Hablamail by Almira Labs

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From the 30th, June until the 30th, September, 2011, Vodafone Business Place offers to his clients a promotion to experience for 2 months free a special mobile service from Almira Labs which allows the sending of emails over the phone with your own voice.

Hablamail, an exclusive service for Vodafone Spain, is thought for a professional use for every kind of phone device on the market and without the need of internet connection. Therefore, no matter where you are, with a simple call, you can send a voice message by email to your clients, colleagues or even to yourself. Thus, you can not only pass important information to your contacts in an instant, but also save reminders of meetings, appointments and events which you can copy to your personal agenda in a later moment, so you will never forget anything again.

The voice message you sent is attached to an email by an .mp3 file, transmitting a personal touch and proximity, hence utilizing fully all emotions of your voice. The audio file can be replayed directly in the same email, so it’s also really easy to forward it by mail to further contacts. It also exists the possibility to download the audio file to your computer and add it by only one click to virtual GTB software like Evernote or Remember the Milk.

With Vodafone’s promotion you save the monthly fee of 1€, but can send as many emails you want by your phone from anywhere you are, only paying the local call to Hablamail’s service number.

So in case you are Vodafone Spain client, don’t miss this special occasion to convince yourself of Hablamail without any commitment and enjoy more flexibility in your day-to-day.

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This year Telefónica invited several players to the second “Movilforum Latin America Conference 2011” to Brazil under the claim: “The future of mobility will be here. Where are you?”

And ALMIRA LABS were there, in Rio de Janeiro from the 24th to 25th of May, to follow our expansion project by focusing also on the Central and South American market and strategize our commercial opportunities and business ventures.

During this get-together from Telefónica’s CEOs of al Latin-Americans branches and clients of their key accounts with selected mobile and service providers from all over the world, like Samsung, Rim and Huawei, we presented our own “Application Store” to operators who are looking for new promising end consumer and corporate services to enrich their own portfolio.

Thereby ALIMRA LABS’ concept includes the integration of our entire product range as white-labelled application store on the operator’s platform, but also the single use of our engaging services. Telefónica’s executives were highly interested in our ideas and we are looking forward to establish prospering partnerships in Latin America in the following months.

Spain is European leader in broadband penetration

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Some further great news at this year’s MOVILFORUM LATAM came from the Spanish state secretary of telecommunications, Francisco Ros, who announced that Spain heads the European ranking of fixed and mobile broadband penetration with 47%, which exceeds the European average by 4% referring to the latest result of the OCED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

But that number is even more impressive when you look at its composition. A detailed view only on the mobile branch reveals that the Spanish market shows a broadband coverage with 26% which is twice as high as their European neighbors.

But every true success story always has its slight “bellyshadow”. The OCED report also uncovers Spain’s disproportionately high ADSL prices compared to their other 30 European opponents. With over 20% in price difference, Spanish operators earn their money pretty well by allocating a widespread broadband access. As a matter of fact, the Spanish subscription fees are one of the highest of all member states.

Read this news more in detail >>

ALMIRA LABS never lets you forget anything again

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With our unique business strategy to conquer the telecommunication market with value added services (VAS) for everyone and every phone device, Almira Labs proudly presents his ultimate voice-based service geared to the mass-market.

MEMMORI is a new way of sending email messages with your own voice from any mobile or landline phone, no matter where you are. This allows the user to send reminders of his important tasks, meetings and appointments or pending birthdays to his or another email account whenever it comes to mind.

By receiving the voice message as an email attachment, this simple tool facilitates to organize any business or private agenda to never forget any important date again. On top, emails of your contacts can be answered in a glimpse even now with your personal touch and this without any need to get access to the internet.

In the first place ALMIRA LABS launches his MEMMORI service as part of his VAS Store to target the Spanish market. In the near future the expansion to the international market is planned with this and even more upcoming services

The autonomy to any phone operator and the compatibility with other GTD personal organizer programs like “Evernote” and “Rembember the Milk” make MEMMORI an essential service for a flexible lifestyle.