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Almira Labs’ new service for disabled people

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Already for the 4th time the ONCE Foundation presented the International Congress on Design, Research Networks, and Technology for all (DRT4All) in Madrid. Between the 27th and 29th of June, 2011 the topic on making new technologies better accessible for everyone was touched.

The Vodafone Foundation in  Spain, sponsor of this event, also patronized actively this event with different workshops, among those “Proposals in the field of Social Networks” presented by José Manuel Azorín, manager of the social product unit at Vodafone Spain. Already 40% of the Spanish population are handicapped and elder people who see themselves confronted by high obstacles in accessing social networks. Therefore it’s indispensable for the telecommunication industry to respond also on these special needs.

As one selected showcase service which aims to close the Digital Gap and aspires a deeper social integration for visual impaired, José Manuel presented a new mobile service to access social networks by voice.

This announced service developed by Almira Labs allows publishing voice messages on Twitter and Facebook with a simple phone call. Its principal advantage is based in ease of usage: the access from every kind of fix or mobile telephone device in the market, without the need of advanced terminal or internet connection.

Thus Almira Labs also takes active part to bring democracy to telephone services. And certainly, we will keep you updated as soon as we will launch this new service in the near future.