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Almira Labs gets the appraisal for CMMI level 2

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This was one of Almira Labs´ main goal for this year and it has been successfully reached. After months of hard work of the whole team, we have got the appraisal for CMMI level 2.

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration related to software engineering and organizational development which provides organizations with the main elements for an effective process improvement. The appraisal is awarded by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

This award is again an evidence of Almira Labs’ philosophy to make quality our leitmotiv in everything we do, our processes and the products and services we develop.

Additionally, this model alows us to be in the vanguard of the Spanish software industry, and position ourselves in the ITC sector as a company with a strong innovator focus whose main objective is to bring added value and the highest quality rather than enter in a competition based on low prices.

For Us in Almira Labs, the appraisal for CMMI level 2 means a great way to end this year and the leads the path to further improvements that help us to get higher appraisals. Congratulations to Almira Labs team!

Cinema and Disability Festival Closing Ceremony in Malaga

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The closing ceremony of the 7th edition of this Festival took place yesterday, Monday, 12th, in Malaga and was organized by the Federación Provincial de Asociaciones de Discapacitados Físicos y Orgánicos de Málaga   FAMF-COCEMFE Málaga.
The event gathered together the most relevant authorities in Andalucia with members of Málaga Town Council and Junta de Andalucia.
Almira Labs, as a collaborator at the Festival, received a small sculpture from the President of the  FAMF-COCEMFE Málaga, Mr. Joaquín Fernández Recio in remembrance of its participation in this 4-days event.
Additionally, the short film “Alma” was awarded with the Special Prize of this Festival. The film is an Andalusian production of Ketch and is directed by José Javier Pérez.
From Almira Labs we wish to give our support to the continuous efforts for inclusion that  FAMF-COCEMFE Málaga makes and hope to be a collaborator again in the upcoming year edition.