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Almira Labs supports the Cinema Festival for Disabled People in Malaga

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The United Nationsobserved 30 years ago the 3rd, December as an International Day of Persons with Disabilities under the theme “Full Participation and Equality”.  Since then there has been significant progress in raising awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities but nevertheless there is still need to sensitize more population for better integration of disabled people in every part of daily life.

In addition to the celebration of such day, Malaga will hold one of the most special events for these people: Cinema Festival for Disabled People. This event is again organized by FAMF-COCEMFE Malaga with the special collaboration of Ayuntamiento de Malaga, Junta de Andalucia and Diputación de Malaga.

The 7th edition of this Cinema Festival reflects the success of past years with thousands of visitors who wanted to support people with some type of disability and to help breaking barriers that do not allow them to integrate in society.

Almira Labs will collaborate in this especial event in Málaga with our voice-based services which are aimed at making it easier for visually handicapped people to have access to daily communications. Thus, with a mobile phone, these people can send voice messages to their contacts, create and forward voice emails and publish their voice messages in Facebook and Twitter.

This sponsorship is in line with our approach of developing technology for inclusion, universally designed, so people of all ages and conditions can have access to it. For more information about our services, please visit

My Happy Email Christmas: The direct line to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men

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One of the biggest delights for parents and family members on Christmas Eve is to see the faces of their kids full of joy right in that moment when they open their gifts and discover that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men exactly brought them those things what they deeply had wished. Although sometimes it’s not that easy for Santa and the Wise Men to guess what our youngsters really want for Christmas.

That’s why we from Almira Labs implemented 2 additional functionalities in My Happy Email to help parents and family to choose the right presents and to keep the faith alive that Santa and the Three Wise Men really exist.

Besides sending their voice emails to their family via a simple phone call to the local phone number 911 110 345, over the festive season children can also call Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men over the same line.

Santa, who is answering the call from the North Pole and the Three Wise Men from the Orient, will ask every child about their secret Christmas wishes in a pretty drolly and cheerful way. The answer of the child will be automatically recorded over the phone and sent to their parents and families email addresses as an .mp3 file directly after the call is finished.

With My Happy Email not only our kids get the best Christmas gift this year but also the whole family – an audio recording of their voices which will last forever!

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