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Almira Labs at Amdocs InTouch Business Forum 2010

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Almira Labs will be attending the upcoming AMDOCS INTOUCH BUSINESS FORUM 2010 to be held in Budapest on June, 8th and 9th.This Amdocs Intouch event is a great opportunity to network with industry leaders and experts, service providers and Amdocs leaders.

In Budapest we will be showcasing our brand new value added services aimed at enabling operators to capture recurrent revenues while enriching user’s experience by taking advantage of their mobile phone highest potential.

These sticky services belong to our VAS Vending Machine concept, a network-based services catalogue designed for service providers to generate new revenue streams and offer more services to their customers at a lower cost.

Don't forget anything with Memmori

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Almira Labs presents Memmori, a new service for those individuals and companies which don't want to miss any important daily issue. A bussiness meeting, a customer's phone number or the shopping list...

Subscribers record a voice message with the information they want to remember with any mobile or fixed phone whenever they are. Then, the system sends this message as an e-mail attachment to their mailbox.

Memmori is a very useful organizer service for professional and private matters to store in a structured way all our activities and pass them later in our personal calendar. Memmori will become  inmediatly your personal assistant.