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Mobile phones to improve school performance

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An improvement of up to a 48% in the school achievement of a group of students in a High School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. This is the success of the project ‘Emotions: attention and concentration’ developed by Almira Labs and O3 Wellbeing Solutions.

Mobile phones are teenager’s favourite means of communication. Now, thanks to the pioneering work made by both technological partners, mobile devices become a powerful tool to improve their learning achievement.

A series of tips and guidelines are received by students to help them manage their time, concentrate more in classes and control the shifting emotions that can have a negative effect in school results.

With Almira Labs innovative mobile applications and O3 Wellbeing Solutions psycho-technological expertise, Emotions is called to be a success within academic fields and the first release of a comprehensive catalogue of mHealth services. These applications aim at improving quality of life, and reaching a personal wellbeing and a higher corporate performance.

Almira Labs and O3 Wellbeing Solutions develop mHealth services

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Almira Labs and O3 Wellbeing Solutions have settled a partnership agreement to develop innovative mobile applications for healthcare. This collaboration is aimed at bringing new technologies to healthcare in order to improve physical and mental health.

This alliance is the result of a corporate strategy of both companies to establish partner relationships within complementary industries that allow the creation of innovative and creative solutions.

On one hand, O3 Wellbeing Solutions is a specialist in psycho-technological services that help to achieve personal wellbeing and improve corporate performance. On the other side, Almira Labs develops innovative mobile applications that enable the insertion of new methods in preventive health and personal wellbeing.

Almira Labs and O3 Wellbeing Solutions are currently working together to present a comprehensive plan for launching a series of products and services based on mobile technologies to improve health and quality of life.