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HealthyMindWorks, a new service to reach a daily wellbeing

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Reaching a daily wellbeing has never been so easy. Almira Labs and O3 Wellbeing Solutions have recently launched HealthyMindWorks, a service targeted to companies and individuals that offers tips and guidelines to reach a daily feeling of wellbeing.

Everyday we face stressful situations that need to be managed properly in order to avoid serious damage to our physical and mental health. HealthyMindWorks is the response to such needs, as it helps us to overcome them and prevent us from affecting our health.

HealthyMindWorks is a corporate wellness program built on a web 2.0 platform accessible through mobile devices. The service has been designed to improve personal and corporate performance through a social network system at work.

HealthyMindWorks is a program that brings new technologies to healthcare, by using latest technological advancements and the collaboration of experts within the fields of mental and physical health.
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Almira Labs at the final phase of Madrid’s Emprendedores XXI contest

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Almira Labs is among the 6 companies that compete in Madrid within the regional phase of the fourth edition of the Emprendedor XXI Awards. This contest is organized by La Caixa and ENISA (Institute of National Innovation).

On Wednesday, 28th, the judging panel will decide which company will represent Madrid at the national phase of the contest which, in the past 2009 edition, had the participation of more than 300 companies. Forecasts say that such number will increase for this present edition.

Emprendedor XXI is aimed at promoting the development of new, innovative companies and to identify those with a higher growth potential.

We will keep you posted!

Almira Labs becomes a supporter of the RCS Programme

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Almira Labs has been working in developing applications which embrace the RCS initiative since 2009. Thanks to these efforts we have now officially become supporters of the RCS Programme.

We offer a comprehensive RCS applications catalogue whose main purpose is to enhance daily communications by improving user’s experience with richer and more exciting features. RCS applications also increase operator´s ability to rapidly adopt mobile applications and services and enhance the communication experience of their subscriber’s base.

Noticias BIC publishes the launch of HealthyMindWorks

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Noticias BIC has just published a piece of news about the recently launched HealthyMindWorks service, which helps us to reach a daily wellbeing by living a series of healthy tips and guidelines. The main purpose of this service is to minimize our stress level to allow us reaching a higher quality of life, regardless of our age.

Noticias BIC is the monthly magazine released by the European Business and Innovation Center in Málaga BIC EURONOVA, which holds our office within the PTA, Andalusian Scientific Park.

To read the whole news, download pdf here.

Almira Labs within Vodafone App Star Competition

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As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we were willing to participate in the upcoming Vodafone App Star Competition and today we have received confirmation of one of our widget been included within the competing applications.

Our Voice Ambience network-centric application has successfully passed the first phase of the contest and now three judges from each of eight Vodafone countries will select the top three widgets submitted from their country, so we hope to be among the winners!

Our Voice Ambience allows you to add a background to both outgoing and incoming calls, so the other part has the feeling you are in the location where your selected background is usually heard. It is a service which will also bring more fun to your calls with friends and relatives as you can talk to a relative while a birthday song is been played, or show your friends how hard is climbing the Everest. Modern mobile devices allow you to customize your handset. So why not customizing your calls?

We´ll keep you posted!

Almira Labs becomes a Red Hat ISV Business partner

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We are very pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Red Hat, the world’s leading open source and Linux provider. Red Hat is at the front of Mobicents, the most popular Open Source SIP Application Server for the Java platform and it complements J2EE to enable convergence of voice, video and data in next generation intelligent applications.

From an strategic point of view, Red Hat and Almira Labs share a common approach of the current market place, as both of us work to make high-quality, low-cost technology accessible with the development of applications for the NGIN networks.

This is a key step for Almira Labs, as it allows us to promote our innovative services with the most recognized open source JAIN SLEE application server. With this new partnership we aim at widening our international projection by offering our innovative solutions to enterprise business within a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Almira Labs in

Written by on, the online media group has recently published a video about Almira Labs that was recorded during the last Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.

The videos shows our CMO, telling most impotant tips about our company and the current business we are developing, our applications and our value proposition within the marketplace.

The video also includes a demo on one of our latest releases, a daily news services broadcasted in Sing Language for deaf people.

Phone calls are no longer monotone. Here it is: Voice Ambience

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Almira Labs presents their new service, Voice Ambience, which allows customers to personalize their calls by selecting a background sound.

Voice Ambience has a large number of background sounds to customize each call depending on the occasion or the call recipient. At the Ambience’s Gallery customers can find from nature sounds such as the sound of waves or the jungle to sport anthems.

Voice Ambience turns each call into an unique experience, and it can get us out of trouble in more than one opportunity. Check the examples of this video:

Tradicional emoticons jump into phone calls. VoiceSmileys has arrived

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Almira Labs presents VoiceSmileys, its brand new service that allows users to play short sounds during a telephone call. Subscribers will be able to share their feelings by exchanging sounds like the applause, a blink, a laugh or a kiss.

VoiceSmileys does not require any download, update or Internet connection. It works on mobile phones, landline ones and tablets from every telephone operator. It is accessible to everyone.

But VoiceSmileys can be more than a simple tool to enjoy consumer’s daily calls.  Using VoiceSmileys as a Mobile Marketing tool can be a successful strategy to improve a company’s brand image.