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Almira Labs in Sillicon Valley

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1st MadridTech´s edition has been very possitive for Almira Labs. The business trip to San Francisco organized by PromoMadrid and CEIM (Confederation of Madrid Companies) and shared with 12 Madrid´s technological companies has resulted in a good number of new contacts and ideas for the company. Almira Labs has found an american market very willing to start up new projects and put new ideas into practice.

During our stay in San Francisco, we have had several business meetings with local companies with different profiles: partners, potential clients and venture capitals. These meetings have been very helpful to set strategic alliances for our business in USA to develop and grow. We have also been able to detect new business opportunities which we will include in our business plan for 2010.

Almira Labs has achieved its goals in this MadridTech: to strengthen our presence in USA market, to extend our partners network and our client base. We hope that the rest of companies will also place a high value on this event and we will be looking forward to hace the chance to take part in a next edition of MadridTech.

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Almira Labs wins Grand Prize at Dialogic Innovator Award Contest 2009

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Almira Labs has been chosen as the Grand Prize winner of the Dialogic Innovator Award Contest 2009. Our applications Video / Voice Notes and Community Video / Voice Cast have been considered by the judging panel as “extremely innovative”thus deserving this award. Both applications are mobile video applications that are built on the Dialogic® IP Media Server.

This prize is of a great significance for us as it comes from a leading company, Dialogic, with presence in over 30 countries and whose products and solutions are being used by thousands of companies all over the world. With this recognition, Almira Labs is again rewarded for our efforts and investment in R&D and for a business strategy focused on developing innovative convergent services.

The award also enables us to participate with Dialogic in a joint marketing activity in which Video / Voice Notes and Community Video / Voice Cast will be featured and recognized as the winners of the contest. We have also been invited to show a demo of both applications in Dialogic´s Executive Summit meeting in Israel on October 26th.

We would like to express our greatest pleasure and satisfaction with this Grand Prize and would like to seize this opportunity to thank Caja Navarra, our main investor, for they continuous support, always believing in our innovation track. Our special thanks go to Almira Labs team, for their contribution with their daily work, their inspiration and motivation which are a huge part of our success.

Almira Labs receives Dialogic Innovator Award 2009 Grand Prize in Israel

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Tim Murray, Dialogic´s, Executive Vice President and COO, has given Dialogic Innovator Award Contest 2009 Grand Prize to Miguel Monforte, Almira Labs´ CMO in the Dialogic´s Executive Summit meeting held in Israel today, October 26th. In his speech, Tim Murray, has highlighted the innovative character of winning applications Video / Voice Notes and Community Video / Voice Castwhich are both results on Almira Labs´s focus on innovation.

Mr Murray has also stressed Dialogic´s belief in video being the new voice and new video capabilities will substitute voice and text applications. Video-only applications are taking off as a very attractive and new revenue-generating source both for developer and carriers.

Our CMO, Miguel Monforte has shown how both Video / Voice Notes and Community Video / Voice Cast work and has expressed Dialogic and the jury gratitude for the award on behalf of Almira Labs.