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Almira Labs´ enterpreneur spirit, a success case

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The prestigious International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management has published one of our reports which reflects Almira Labs entrepreneur and innovative spirit.

The article that has been released with the collaboration of IMADE (An institution for Development in Madrid) and the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid) and offer Almira Labs’ vision as a software and value added services developer for the telecomm industry.

According to our role as a new technologies company, we have analyzed the socio-economic situation of the telecom industry and we have stressed the need to invest in R&D in order to develop innovative services so we can gain competitiveness and differentiationfrom other companies.

A Scientific article on Almira Labs nature has been published

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Since months ago, we have been working with some guys from IMADE and the UAM, to write an article about entrepreneurship, small companies and so on.

This article has been accepted and published by a prestigious journal of Management, the “International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management”.

The article is called:
“Entrepreneurship in the mobile telecommunication sector: the case of Almira Labs”… hey! We are a case to study!See it here

Interesting link on JAIN SLEE

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An interesting link on Jain Slee, excellent for newcomers.