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Almira Labs will be present at MWC 2009 in Barcelona

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We are glad to announce that we have booked a stand at MWC 2009 with code 2.1D83. We hope to see you all there! More to come on the actions we will be taking to promote our products.

Almira receives IMS training

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Almira Labs has been given a course called “The IMS Application Layer” by Arismore, a French company specialist in the field. The goal was to train our newcomers into the domain which is our core business and learn the IMS insights to find new applications and services we can create.

Almira Labs at Semana del Emprendedor

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Almira Labs has taken part in a session named “Encuentro con emprendedores de base tecnológica” part of the “Semana del Emprendedor” organized by Madrid Regional Government. The goal of the session was to show students that are potential future entrepreneurs our experience in creating our company and giving them hints and guidelines for their future projects.

I would like to thank University Juan Carlos the First and specially the CINTTEC and María Vigil for having invited us to a very satisfactory meeting. It was great to share our ideas with the new breed of entrepreneurs.



Presentación Almira

Almira, speaking at Conferencia de Innovación de la Escuela Banespyme-Orange

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Today November the 5th, Miguel Monforte, Almira’s CMO, has been one os the speakers at a conference belonging to the 7th edition of the project ESCUELA BANESPYME-ORANGE, an entrepreneurialship school at Instituto de Empresa.

The session conference was : “The innovation as a response to difficult times” and Almira has contributed to it its unique vision blending innovations and achievement as a way to ensire the survival of the entrepreneurial project.

Some pics of gthe session below…

Almira Day

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Last Friday the 31st of October, we celebrated our first Almira Day. In fact, it is just the normal evolution of the company meetings as we are now located in two distant offices (Madrid and Málaga) and the number of people working in Almira keeps growing (22 people as I write this post) so companies activities grow as well. we need longer meetings to be able to treat all the issues. Meeting started in the morning in CAN offices at Juan Bravo, Madrid (thanks to CAN again for their hospitality). The session agenda was:

  • 10’00 – 10’40 Almira vision. 2008 activities summary. Plans for 2009. (Javier)
  • 10’40 – 11’00 Software process revision. Good practices and company principles. (Juanjo)
  • 11’00 – 11’30 Coffee break
  • 11’30 – 11’50 Product line presentacion including the VoiceCast service (Miguel)
  • 11’50 – 12’30 Product Architecture and development. Software Architecture principles (David)
  • 12’30 – 12’45 Mini coffee break
  • 12’45 – 13’15 Projects presentations
    • Apuestas + Casino. (Eva, Óscar)
    • Todotur. (Víctor)
    • QA group. Organization and functions. (Diego)
  • 13’15 – 13’30 Q&A.

In this last session, I want to remark Gabriel and Daniel interventions. The former gave us the vision of Almira from the downsouth office de Almira. The latter, the vision from his broad entrepreneurial experience.

At 14′30 we were at OKRA restaurant for a cocktail and some drinks… I am going to leave it here, the rest keeps to secrets of Almira and the Madrid night, althought I must say that we really enjoyed it very much. Pics speak for themselves…

Images and videos from the session