Almira Labs within Vodafone App Star Competition

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As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we were willing to participate in the upcoming Vodafone App Star Competition and today we have received confirmation of one of our widget been included within the competing applications.

Our Voice Ambience network-centric application has successfully passed the first phase of the contest and now three judges from each of eight Vodafone countries will select the top three widgets submitted from their country, so we hope to be among the winners!

Our Voice Ambience allows you to add a background to both outgoing and incoming calls, so the other part has the feeling you are in the location where your selected background is usually heard. It is a service which will also bring more fun to your calls with friends and relatives as you can talk to a relative while a birthday song is been played, or show your friends how hard is climbing the Everest. Modern mobile devices allow you to customize your handset. So why not customizing your calls?

We´ll keep you posted!