Almira Labs supports the International Day of People with Disabilities

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The United Nations observed 30 years ago the 3rd, December as an International Day of Persons with Disabilities under the theme “Full Participation and Equality”.  Since then there has been significant progress in raising awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities but nevertheless there is still need to sensitize more population for better integration of disabled people in every part of daily life.

For that reason in Málaga will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of December a special event to make this theme to a central topic in order to raise more awareness beneath and mobilize support for disability issues. The rehabilitation in work life will be one main subject during these days and representatives of ONCE, INTEGRA CEE as well as the Mayor of Málaga,  D. Francisco de la Torre, will act as spokesmen for an better integration of disabled people in society.

For this special event we from Almira Labs also contributes with our technological knowledge in telecommunications by using our service “MediaCast” to send out automatically of hundreds spoken invitations as a phone call beforehand as a special kind of  event promotion.

We from Almira Labs sponsor this commemoration with the idea to put also a special emphasis on the matter of technological discrimination of disabled people. With our unique approach of developing voice-based mobile services for everyone independently of any special mobile device or an internet connection, we want to enable visual despaired an easy access to advanced applications, like Memmori or Voice2Social. With these services it’s possible to send emails or update their Facebook or Twitter messages by voice instructions via a simple phone call.

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