Almira Labs reaffirms its commitment to people with disabilities sponsoring the VIII Málaga Disability Film Festival

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On the occasion of the International Day of People With Disability and what is nearly a tradition during the last seven years, the VIII Disability Film Festival will take place in Málaga on the 2nd and 3rd of December. The main goals of this event organization are helping disabled people to a better integration in the society and bring them closer to culture as an essential part of the personal growth. To achieve this purpose, the FAMF-COCEMFE of Málaga has chosen the most effective way to sensitize and raise the audience’s awareness: films.

For years, in Almira Labs we contribute with our research and development efforts to the achievement of the integration aim pursued by the Málaga Disability Film Festival, since disabled people is part of the target to which our services are addressed. The company value-added phone services for everyone philosophy enables people with disabilities to send voice messages or emails, which has been difficult for visually impaired people until now. In Almira Labs we try to overcome the barriers imposed by certain devices through our services.

In this edition, the Almira Labs cooperation with the Festival is intended to an innovative action based on one of our services through which any Festival user, fun or visitor, can post voice messages supporting the films that will be published on the Festival Facebook fun page.

Enter here, listen to posted messages and leave your own!