Almira Labs' CEO, Javier Martín, interviewed at CTIA

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CTIA Wireless 2013 took place last May at Las Vegas and Almira Labs was one of the Spanish  exhibitors attending.

Almira Labs' delegation was leaded by the CEO Javier Martín. The website Almuerzo de Negocios interviewed Martín who pointed the following headlines:

"Having a booth at CTIA Wireless is cheaper than having one at Barcelona's trade fair"

"Almira Labs' idea is making a connection with north american market and Latin American companies. We have made several deals with Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico."

"CTIA is on the decline. There are less operators, traffic and the size is smaller, it is becoming a trade fair to sell ipad's cases and cell accesories. This is not the right way to follow”.

You can hear the full interview with Javier Martín clicking the following link: