Almira Labs has been granted with funds from the Spanish Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo for the development of the project: TSI-100600-2013-95 - VoiceScreen to build a solution for digital Signage to enable voice interactivity. 



Almira Labs has been granted with funds from the Spanish Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo for the development of the project: TSI-020602-2012-30, Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural, Reconocimiento-Síntesis aplicado al canal de Voz.

Neotec II


Almira Labs has been granted with funds from the Spanish CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development). These funds belong to the project called, Neotec II, with expiration date on the 31st December 2012 and reference number IDI-20111058.

This project is financed jointly with the Government´s Special Funds for the promotion of the Economy and Employment (E Plan) as stated in RDL 9/2008, from the 28th December.

SMS2LSE Project


The Comunidad of Madrid has granted Almira Labs with funds co-financed by the Counsel for Economy and Finances of Madrid and the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) form the European Union.

These funds are aimed at developing the “SMS2LSE” Project with registration number PIE/503/2010 that consists on the Research and Development of innovative mobile services which helps disabled people to access a universal means of communication with mobile technology.

With this project, Almira Labs goes a step further in developing communications systems which are accessible for all telecommunications technology users regardless of the device they have.


Almira Labs has signed an agreement with the Fundación Genoma España to develop an innovative telecommunications project:  Bender. It consists on an environment designed for the development and marketing of mobile services which break current limitations as they are device independent. Bender, received funds coming from de Innocash through the Fundación Genoma España , allowing the development of accessible services for all people and devices, bringing technology to all users, regardless of their incomes, technological ability and location. Bender aims at bring technology closer to all users, making it reachable and accessible to everybody, no matter the phone device they have.

Almira Labs get the appraisal for CMMI level 2

This was one of Almira Labs´ main goal for this year and it has been successfully reached. After months of hard work of the whole team, we have got the appraisal for  CMMI level 2.

 CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration o Capability Maturity Model Integration, related to software engineering and organizational development which provides organizations with the main elements for an effective process improvement. The appraisal is awarded by the  Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of  Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Additionally, this model allows us to be in the vanguard of the Spanish software industry, and position ourselves in the ITC sector as a company with a strong innovator focus whose main objective is to bring added value and the highest quality rather than enter in a competition based on low prices.

For Us in Almira Labs, the appraisal for CMMI level 2 means a great way to end this year and the leads the path to further improvements that help us to get higher appraisals.

Plan Avanza

The International Avanza R&D Programm has granted funds to our SERSSE project in a Spanish and Argentinian cooperation.

The aim of this international project is to develop and innovative tool for the development and management of services for the NGN (Next Generation Networks).

SERRSE is made of two technological goals:

1. Development of a graphical interface.
2.Development of a management tool.