Advisory Board

Art Caisse

Mr. Caisse has over 25 years of experience in identifying technology based business opportunities, creating the organizations to address them and developing and executing the plans to bring them to fruition. Since 1986, Mr. Caisse has been Principal to TeleGroup Partners which provides active participation in the inception, structuring, financing and launching of technology and information based ventures in the areas of networking and telecommunications. 

Mr. Caisse has founded of a number of successful companies including DataAmerica Corporation (an inter-RBOC information services network), Cohesive Networks Corporation (an innovator of intelligent T-1 network and switching systems for integrated voice, data, and video communications). In 1973, as both Director of R&D and later VP of Business Development, Mr. Caisse pioneered valued-added packet switching network technologies, resulting in the establishment of Tymnet, Inc. the world's first commercial packet network service. Most recently Mr. Caisse was CEO for Managed Computing Resources Corporation (MCRC) providing Managed Security Services throughout the US since 1998. 

He is currently serving as consultant and member of the Board of Directors of MediaTile, a startup in the area of Digital Signage networking (

Caisse has been an active participant in International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Bureau of Standards (now NIST), and other professional groups involved in setting data communications standards.


Mike Fish

Mike’s experience in technology and venture capital spans three decades and several continents. With a computer science background he moved early in his career from a technical role to develop his commercial and management skills – with Hewlett-Packard France, PwC Management Consulting and several software start-up businesses in Europe and the US, later becoming a Director at London Venture Capital firm, Interregnum. He has previously held senior roles in two businesses in HPC: Platform Computing and Scali. He retains a strong interest in the operational side of growth businesses and joined Allinea as CEO in 2010.

Key achievements include: