About Us

Extending the Power of Voice

Almira Labs is a software developer of value-added services (VAS) for the telecommunications industry. Since our founding in 2006, our mission has been to create innovative technologies that enable mobile and landline operators, as well as enterprise business, to offer next-generation voice-driven apps for ALL types of phones— standard feature phones, smartphones and fixed-line phones, as well.

As reflected by our company philosophy — we leave no phone behind! — our commitment remains to empower ALL people with advanced telecommunications,regardless of the device they use, their purchasing power or their comfort level with technology. We make this possible by focusing our efforts on the most natural and powerful form of human communication: voice. This is good news for providers seeking growth in voice-based revenues, recognizing that feature phones continue to dominate the worldwide mobile device market.

Almira Labs empowers its carrier customers with viable and cost-effective vehicles for offering new services, enhancing experiences, increasing revenues, and improving profitability. Our easy-to-use, cloud-hosted, device-agnostic technologies enable subscribers to utilize their mobile devices more fully, broadening business opportunities for carriers across ALL markets of the world. With the visionary engineering, award-winning development and proven business models at Almira Labs, service providers, enterprise business and users of ALL phones are... extending the power of voice.

Our voice applications service catalogue is orientated to three main targets: