Extending the Power of Voice

Voice based Services

Voice Based

Services based on the most natural and powerful mean of communication: our voice. Discover how you can get the most out of your phone with your voice.

For all devices

For all Devices

Accessible by any type of phone device: feature phones, smartphones and even landline phones. Our services are designed for people, not devices.

Cloud based

Cloud Based

No downloads required as our services are based on the cloud which allows users to access them anytime and anywhere, with no need of an Internet connection.

Our products

Corporate Voice Cast

Corporate voice communication made easy.


Voice based mobile marketing campaigns for all phone devices.

Ring Back Tone

Let your callers hear your music while waiting for you to pick up the phone.

Voice Smileys

Have more fun in every call by inserting sounds during your conversations!

Voice Ambience

Add fun and entertaining background sounds to your calls.

Community Voice Cast

Exchange voice messages with your friends.

BrainPhone Store

A unique store with voice based services for all devices and people.

Umbra Framework

A unique tool for fast JAIN SLEE development.

Voice Notes

Create and store notes in the cloud just with your voice.

Umbra Designer

Our graphical tool for creating complex VAS services more rapidly.

Voice Sponsored

Insert ads in calls and boost your branding.

Voice 2 Social

Post your voice messages in your favorite social media!

Voice 2 Email

Send voice emails on the go with just one call.